Do check your shipping address. Now check it again. Please be sure it is correct before you place your order. Often we are packing orders just prior to going to the post office, there is a very high chance the items will have shipped before we see your email. We will do our best to accommodate you.


Do understand we believe in two things, patience is a virtue and karma is a bitch. We would never rip anyone off. We both grew up in an era where you would have to wait for your stuff, actually there's an Arcade Fire song about it called We Used to Wait. You could go listen to it while you wait for your stuff! But the point is, sending us belittling messages about having to wait doesn't speed up the process, it just makes you sound like an asshole. It'll come, we promise.


Do tag us in your pictures to be featured! You can also email pictures to


Don't compare us to another brand and assume that because they shipped your item in x-amount of time that we will do the same. We love moving product out of our house! It gives us more room for activities. But we also don't have an entire fulfillment team, again, its just the two of us.. and unlike other brands we are on the road A LOT. We sometimes travel from show to show to show, and our stuff is often on a freight truck during that time. When we get to a convention, before we set up, we pull any items that were ordered online. We then worry about the task at hand, set up and then once the convention is over, we break the booth down and pack it all back up to either go home or to the next show.. THEN we pack all the ordered items we pulled, and ship them.. usually the Monday morning after the show, before heading to the airport.


Don't contact us on our personal social media accounts about your order, restocks, or questions. We are available via email:


Don't email, comment, or talk to us in a way you would not address someone in person, at their physical shop. We love this job, we love getting to be creative and working out our own schedule. We don't love when people assume we are Amazon Prime. We are a couple, two people.. not a warehouse full of workers. We promise this, you will get your item. It may not be 48 hours from the moment you hit the order button, but you WILL get it. Or, if you want to go the route of verbal abuse, you'll get a refund. And if you wanna quietly order again down the line, you'll get a refund then too. Because we work for ourselves, we sell art and apparel, we don't do all of this work, just to get talked to like we're assholes.